Beginning Clarinet

This is where you will get information about what to practice each week.


Thursday 12:30-1:00

Listen to and practice with “Theme for Spring” at 3 different tempos:

Theme for Spring: Slow Tempo

Theme for Spring: Medium Tempo

Theme for Spring: Concert Tempo

Clarinets only song (click the link to listen) : “Alouette”

New Music for our Spring Concert in May!

We are working on brand new music for our next concert in May. One of the songs we are playing, “Theme for Spring” will be a combined song with beginning and intermediate band students. There are many new notes to learn and you should use your fingering chart to help you learn and memorize these fingerings. Lost your chart? You can download one here: CLARINET FINGERING CHART.

Looking for “Theme for Spring”? You can download and listen at the link below:


WEEK #6 practice

Watch a video of “Give it Up for Two Notes” HERE.

Watch a video of “Why Not this Now?” HERE

WEEK #3 practice

Watch a clarinet player playing “Breathin’ Easy” at this link HERE.

Watch a clarinet player playing “Either Or” at this link HERE.

When you go to the link, make sure you click on “clarinet” to watch the right video